Artisan Aromatherapy Products 

Aromatherapy bath salts mists natural beauty

Exquisite aromatherapy products handcrafted in small batches with gentle love and care, positive intentions and all natural ingredients. I use premium quality essential oils which are wild, organic, or sustainably sourced. 

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   Luscious Bath Salt collection   

Gorgeous, luscious, moisturizing bath salts loaded with a premium blend of high quality essential oils to calm, soothe, and relax your entire being! Each blend is a heavenly scent which tantalizes your senses. They truly are pure bliss! Concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

“I can’t imagine a hot bath without the intoxicating aromatic and soothing bath salts from Shantdeep. Each one is infused with her beautiful blends of incredible oils. I have all of the blends, and look forward to each and every luxurious bath!” Lou

“The love, the healing aromas and high vibrational energy that are infused in Shantdeep’s bath salts and mists are exquisite. I know I am receiving a nourishing gift every time I use them”. Brenda 

Luscious bath salts for the serious bath lover