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I love to sing, lead chanting and sound healing journeys with a wide audience including yoga practitioners, lovers of sacred music and those who enjoy connecting deeply with earth, song, soul and spirit . 

I have been influenced by exceptional contemporaries such as Joni Mitchell, Snatam Kaur, Deva Premal, Krishna Das, Brenda McMorrow, David Newman, Michael Moon and Jai Uttal. 

"Chanting takes me to a place where I experience oneness with creation. I feel joy, love and peace flowing from my heart. I chant to stay balanced and connected within myself and with the Divine in all that is”.


Listen to & download my music here

As an artist, I strive to create music that brings more joy, peace and healing to our world. By purchasing my music from WIX, I receive the full payment instead of a few cents or dollars from the major industry platforms. This way feels more fair and I hope it resonates with you. Whichever platform you choose to download my music from, may your enjoy it and I am truly grateful that you are supporting me! I look forward to creating more music in the near future. 

Om the Water is my first full CD release.  

Shantdeep, your CD is beyond words... your voice is so beautiful and the music is right on.  ❤️ ~ Dolphin

The CD is truly magnificent! ~ Kundra 

Listening to it now! Lovely! It makes me feel so happy. I foresee I will have it playing frequently while I go about my days. Thanks so much for your beautiful music and healing energy! ~ Susan

I am listening to your cd. It is so amazing, I am very grateful, I purchased it. I am realizing we are here to allow for the expression of the infinite, for the benefit of all. Pretty certain your music is proof of that. High five soul sister! Terry Legault 

Ongoing Music Offerings

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The Heart of Chanting 

Tuesday evenings 8:30-9:30pm

A weekly offering during which I chant mantras and sacred songs. Mantras are powerful words/sounds which still the mind and open the heart. Chanting is akin to a singing meditation and has many health benefits: it helps to calm the nervous system, uplifts your mood, aligns your energetic field, and expands your connection with others and all of existence. Subtle transformation takes place. 

This event is streamed on Facebook Live on my profile. Click link to connect. 

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Donations are graciously accepted. 

Thank you for supporting me and my musical offerings.      

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Shantdeep and attending her kirtans and find her to be absolutely enchanting! Her beautiful voice and captivating presence is both soft and strong, transcendent and grounding. She weaves a magical spell with her music and instruments that takes us on a voyage to the inner realms of the soul. Brilliant!" Love, Stefani 

“Chanting with Shantdeep is like being held in a warm embrace. The devotion and love that flows from her heart affects everyone in the vicinity and beyond. Her gorgeous voice carries us through an exquisite experience of connecting with our own voices, with our hearts, and with each other. I would travel great distances to be able to sing with this beautiful soul!” Brenda McMorrow

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