I am a musician, singer-songwriter, Kirtan facilitator and kundalini yoga instructor who loves to share my passion for chanting with a wide audience including yoga practitioners, sacred music lovers and those who enjoy connecting deeply with earth, soul and song. 

I've always loved to sing and while attending University I learned to play the guitar. I started writing my own songs and recorded my first album in 1996.

Since then, I have been influenced by such exceptional contemporaries such as Joni Mitchell, Snatam Kaur, Singh Kaur, Nirinjan Kaur, Deva Premal, Krishna Das, David Newman, Michael Moon and Jai Uttal. 

"Chanting takes me to a place where I experience oneness with everyone and everything. When I chant, I feel joy, love and peace flowing from my heart. I chant to stay balanced and connected within myself and with the Divine in all that is”. 

Om the Water is my first release of mantra music. It is a beautiful synergy of chants in Sanskrit, English and Gurmukhi. In honour of my Métis (French/Odawa) ancestry, the title track “Om the Water” is a blessing of love for Nibi, the Water, our sacred source of life. Each song serves to inspire our own healing journeys as a celebration of the sacredness of all life. 

My music is accessible to everyone, weaving English words through favourite prayers and mantras. I wish for my music to awaken the soul to its true divinity. By assembling and performing with different talented musicians, I am able to express my music in many different ways, weaving reggae, folk and world rhythms into the mantras. Through this sharing of talents, the music creates a mosaic of meditative and danceable moments that are always evolving. 

“Singing mantras as a group is a powerful experience because the audience is always invited to participate. Thus, it is an interactive experience which brings everyone into states of deep joy and quietude. As we empty your minds, all thoughts and mental chatter disappear and the healing vibrations of the sacred words take us home to the serene present moment”. 

It is my wish that the practice of chanting may bring more peace and healing to our world. 

Recent & Past Offerings

Gaia Fest in Wakefield, QC August 2019 

Sound Healing & Mantra Chanting in a Restorative Yoga class April 2019

Collaboration with Yogi JD at the 3H0 Winter Solstice Sadhana December 2019 Lake Wales, Florida. 

Sound Healing Bath with soft Mantra Lullabies to soothe Mind, Body & Spirit  February 2019

Mantra chanting at the screening of the documentary "Sounds Into Silence" March 2019

The Heart of Chanting and Sound Healing February 2019

Sound healing concert with Kailash Kokopelli August 2018

Leading Kirtan at Bhakti in the Woods 2018