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Sound healing 


Sound healing is said to be the medicine of the future due to its powerful ability to bring balance, alignment and healing to our entire being. It is gentle, relaxing and available to people of all ages. 

Everything in our world is vibration, and sound is a frequency ever present in our own body and environment.

The use of sound for healing purposes has existed for thousands of years in ancient cultures: from chanting, toning and singing to using the gong, didgeridoo, drum, harp, sitar, singing bowls, chimes and rattles, sound healing has helped people maintain optimal health and well being.

Research demonstrates that sound therapy has many therapeutic health benefits:

- brings calm and balance to the central nervous system

- helps relieve symptoms of chronic pain

- reduces insomnia and headaches

- aids in reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress.

The underlying principle behind my sound healing sessions is that sound used with intention draws our being towards greater harmony, inner peace and balance. 




Having participated in a number of sound baths/healing sessions from various people, I can say that my session with Shantdeep was by far the most extraordinary experience thus far. Her incredibly beautiful voice and use of mantra in conjunction with her various instruments was absolute magic, as if we had been transported to a heavenly realm. Shantdeep creates a very sacred space, one in which allows the person to fully let go and surrender into the moment, a process which greatly facilitates any healing that needs to take place. In experiencing her sound bath, it quickly becomes apparent that Shantdeep’s heart and purest of intentions are infused throughout the entire session, creating a powerful & transformative experience.

I cannot recommend Shantdeep enough!



Every session is held in a sacred & confidential space. 

We discuss your present state of health and well being to identify what you wish to let go of, transform and bring into balance. 

I align myself with this intention and along with Shamanic Reiki, I use various sound healing instruments to "tune" the body/mind/spirit: tuning forks, gong, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, Koshi chimes, therapeutic Buffalo drum, rattles, voice, and guitar.

I use essential oils to enhance the calming and balancing effect on the nervous system. 

Various crystals such as quartz, amethyst, smokey quartz, citrine and rose quartz are used to further clear and balance the energy.


"They tell us that our bodies are like orchestras that can be tuned and made healthy with music, mantras and many other sonic modalities". Jonathan Goldman.


I offer private and group sound healing sessions. Adults may attend with their children. I am able to offer payment plans and a sliding scale. Please send me a message if you have any specific questions or wish to discuss payment options. Namaste. 

Have a question? Please send me a message. 

Thank you for your message!


Pure magic!! I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a few sound sessions with Shantdeep and the results are beyond description.

It felt like all my worldly troubles and worries were washed away.. I was able to drift into a magical place of complete relaxation

The after effects were comparable to a full night's sleep … fully refreshed and inspired

John Armstrong, Gaia Wellness Retreat

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