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Therapeutic Sound healing 


As a Therapeutic Sound Healing Practitioner, I use sound, silence & frequencies as potent, subtle and effective ways to bring balance and alignment to your entire being. Combined with Reiki and energy work, it is a very gentle and deeply soothing treatment.

I have been immersed in sound healing for over a decade, and through my own experience and that of others, it continues to show me that sound, energy and frequencies have the ability to help us maintain optimal health and vitality. 

Clients report many health benefits from my sound healing sessions:

 - restored calm and balance of the nervous system

 - relief of symptoms of chronic pain and headaches

 - reduced insomnia and better sleep 

 - reduction of symptoms of depression, overwhelm, anxiety, and            stress.

 - insights and clarity on how to bring resolve and understanding to        one's personal life situations 

 - feeling more calm, relaxed and present without racing thoughts.


"The underlying principle of my sound healing sessions is that when sound, frequency and Source Energy are combined with Pure Intention, it has the ability to align our entire being towards a state of greater harmony, attunement, inner peace and wellbeing".


About Your Session

Every session is held in a compassionate, non judgemental and confidential space. 

Organic herbal tea is served as we discuss your present state of wellbeing. We then identify what you wish to release, transform, manifest and bring into balance. 

I become a channel for Source energy to flow through me towards where it is needed. I use Reiki, tuning forks and various powerful instruments to balance the chakras and energy circuits. With my intuitive voice channellings, I align with your Soul Spirit to assist in releasing and calling in what your heart and soul truly desire. In this way we "attune" the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to a more harmonious state where transformation car arise. 

I use my beautiful Healing Love Rose Ritual Oil as a soothing and balancing effect on the body. Crystals will further help to clear energy. Each session includes an oracle card reading for guidance from Spirit. 

Clients report feeling inner shifts, greater calm and clarity afterwards.


My last session with Shantdeep set me off on a path that moved me forward with some major life changes. It was one of the most influential sound healing experiences I have ever experienced.

~Heather, Lomi Lomi Practitioner 


I offer private and group sound healing sessions. Adults may attend with their children.

 I offer payment plans and a sliding scale. Please send me a message if you have any questions. 

Mary G., Peterborough

My sound healing experience with Shantdeep was magical. She soothed and healed a part of me that was buried deep beyond my awareness. Sitting with her was like visiting a beloved friend.


Her singing voice reverberated with light and guided me through a deep energetic shift.


My world is changed, and I thank Shantdeep for guiding me towards a newfound joy and for reigniting my zest for life.

Shantdeep, you are a gift.


Therapeutic Sound Healing

Shantdeep is a gentle, compassionate and intuitive practitioner who finds inspiration in the beauty and wisdom of music, flowers and nature. She believes that everything in this divine Creation is energy/frequency and that we are spiritual beings on a physical journey.


She retired from teaching to do more of what she loves. She has obtained Reiki Level 2, IET and Therapeutic Sound Healing certifications. She has also studied somatics, energy healing, expressive arts, cranial sacral, Lomi Lomi and Shamanism, all of which she integrates into her work. During her training to become a yoga teacher she was transformed by the practice of mantra chanting and its remarkable effects on our health, vitality, and consciousness.


Shantdeep's sensitivity is a gift which allows her to hold a safe container for her clients. She continues to study the effects of trauma on our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. She has done in depth healing herself on the effects of transgenerational trauma, narcissistic injury, addiction, and is able to gently support clients in their healing process. 

In her therapeutic sound healing sessions, Shantdeep uses powerful instruments and intuitive voice channellings to attune the various energy fields in the body. She continues to witness the ability of these sound frequencies to bring our mind, consciousness, physical and energetic bodies into greater coherence and harmony. From her own journey in the exploration of voice and sound, she understand that one’s own voice is also a powerful instrument for inner and outer transformation.


Shantdeep has delved into the contemporary Buddhist teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, Pema Chödrön and Tara Brach. She is deeply inspired by the work of Gabor Maté, Carolyn Myss, Matt Licata and the wisdom of 12 Step programs. She is a lifelong learner who continues to integrate various wisdom teachings into her work such as non-duality, Ayurveda, yogic philosophy, plant medicine, and indigenous teachings. All of these inform her Sound Healing practice. In 2022 she obtained her certification in Therapeutic Sound Healing from the Center of Light. 


Shantdeep’s heartfelt intention is to share her love of sound and that it may bring more peace, alignment, and harmony into our world. 

May we remember who we are. 

May we be happy and free from suffering. 

May we abide in the true, pure essence of our being. 


Have a question? Please send me a message. 

Pure magic!! I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing many sound healing sessions with Shantdeep and the results are beyond description.

It felt like all my worldly troubles and worries were washed away. I was able to drift into a magical place of complete relaxation. The after effects were comparable to a full night's sleep, fully refreshed and inspired

John Armstrong, Gaia Wellness Retreat

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