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A water based blend of 16 fresh essential oils that are perfect for refreshing and cleaning all spaces of your home or office. Can also be used as a room spray, in the workout room, sports bags or musty areas that need a blast of freshness. A must have for every home. Eveyone loves this scent! 


Ingredients: Water, emulsifier, essential oils of pine, lemongrass, cedar leaf, eucalyptus, clary sage, juniper berry, rosemary, balsam fir, lavender, clove, bay leaf, frankincense, ho wood, peppermint, sweet birch, grapefruit. 


250ml stainless steel bottle.

Forest Fresh Eco Clean Spray

  • “Just one spray of Shantdeep’s Forest Fresh Eco Clean Spray and my entire house was transformed into a heavenly outdoor forest spa! Not only does it smell amazing, but the smell lasts for days, and it does an absolutely incredible job leaving even the grimiest surfaces sparkling and shiny... No more headaches from toxic cleaners and artificial fragrances! I can now keep my home healthy, beautiful and smelling incredible for my family!” Stefani C. 


    “I can’t believe how good my house smells, even THREE days later! It smells just like a spa! And it’s so clean too!”  Catherine M.

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